Monday, 2 February 2009 it a road to no-where?

Outsourcing, to many employees, has been a road to no-where. Why did I bring this up? It was thanks to an article on ZDNet.

Being in the IT industry I know it felt a couple years ago that we would all get chucked into dodgy rooms, on minimum pay and work a IT Service Desk for multiple companies, then there was Telsta's Managed Service Desk which did just that, though from what I have heard, they paid their staff well.

It's not like outsourcing is a new thing but it seems like it might be gaining popularity and who knows, it might become THE way business is done. I think if the trend continues we'll all become small business arms as in most large companies, where each department pays each department as they're used and invoice when other arms use their services. Maybe business will move towards being more inter-departmental?

We've seen it in the IT world already as mentioned with Telstra's Managed Service Desk. This could become the trend for Accountants, Payroll Teams, Sales Teams, Marketing Teams and so on.

Now picture a managed building in the city or these days maybe in Alexandria, Zetland or Waterloo. The owners have fitted the building out with a Data Centre and wired it up. There's an Accountancy firm, Marketing/Sales company, Law firm, IT who would also use the Data Centre that was built into the building from the start, Then there could be a bunch of smaller business who need all these services but can't afford each but really only one.

Instead of these businesses hiring a Sales person and skimping on the rest, they now have people based in their building and better yet, if the businesses compliment each other then that's only going to help business.

I can imagine those out there suggesting this would create closed business systems. Each business would continue to do it's work for other businesses who don't have the luxury of living in one of these managed buildings, but it sure can help having these layouts.

In the current economic climate, maybe this is a nice way to help those smaller businesses who all need each other.

Well...Even though I have argued for these modular businesses models and even showed an example of this working in a managed building as well (this wasn't a condition but an after thought) and now having re-read this article I wonder if it is viable.

If you have any ideas, I would be interested to hear them or read them as the case may be.

You win! I ROCK!
Good night Seattle.

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