Saturday, 9 May 2009

Is Twitter closing the gap of Celebrity and Nobody?

My recent realisation of Twitter made me think it is closing the gap of celebrity and nobody (me). I signed up to Twitter a few months back as I thought it would be better for me as Facebook was beginning to frustrate me with all the quizzes, rate this, fan of this and that and other apps all needing access to your personal information to work; that and my main like of Facebook which is to update my status and read my friend's status'.

Back to Twitter and why I feel it's closing the aforementioned gap. Like I said, I signed up a few months back but being busy at work and most friends using Facebook I didn't really follow or use Twitter. Yesterday I realised I could follow people I admire and respect...yes, celebrities! Not being the type who reads Who magazine or any of that type of celeb trash material I was never phased by celebrity, but then something happened; I was all of a sudden able to read and reply to people I respect.

Now to date I haven't had a celebrity or even a pseudo-celebrity reply back to me and really am I to expect it? Not once! While I was in bed at 3am this morning (yes I was playing play money poker and drinking bourbon and cokes) trying to go to sleep, I thought about it, if I was famous I don't think I'd enjoy douchbags such as myself replying to my tweets...I'd be like wtf are you? Why don't you STFU and GTFO?!?!

So to all those celebs and pseudo-celebs, I'm sorry. However, I also thought that if you're a celeb and you're on Twitter, part of it would be in knowing that fans will reply to your messages and they will read your tweets.

I'm unsure what the general consensus is. If you're a celeb or not, I'd love to hear from you...sure, it's cool to post a comment using a pseudonym, I mean I think I've used the word pseudo so many times in this post it must be my word of the day.

You win! I ROCK!
Good night Seattle.

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