Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Facebook reply regarding the Cowboys v Bunnies game 06/06/09

"I've been a bunnies fan all my life, my dad has been and his dad. This team means more to me than say the Storm who's fans just like winning teams or live down there and now have a team to support. For me it's a whole lot of history and family. I watch every game with Dad and every week I have some kind of stupid naive notion that this week we'll play like the team we have on paper or at least tackle hard and make the opposition wish they weren't playing us.

Well...this is the first game we have actually just changed channels...both Dad and I said life's too short and stressful to have to go through this one.

Also...yes I think the refs are fsking the game, but if we were playing better we might be able to do well enough that the refs bad calls don't actually affect the outcome of our games cause bad calls happen.

I'll always support souths...you can't change family and you can't change teams...but please show some pride.


I don't think I can say much more there. Maybe ship this to the South Sydney team or JT. I don't even think they need too much coaching skills wise. I think on paper they're some of the best players in the comp. But for some reason, putting on a South's jumper makes ones brains not work. Maybe they need more theory or strategic coaching?

The Facebook note where this came from can be found here.

Would love to hear from someone in the know.

Oh and btw...

You win! I ROCK!
Good night Seattle.

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