Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The IT guy, not white collar and not a tradesman

There's plenty of occupations out there that suck. The IT guy is now stuck between being a white collar professional and a tradesman. Neither is bad, but being stuck in the middle makes life hard.

Maybe I'm wrong, but it feels as though customer's don't treat the tech with respect. They don't want to pay money for work that takes hours including research. We can't and don't know everything! Neither do doctors, lawyers, mechanics, electricians, accountants and many other occupations, but each seem to be able to charge a motza and have a huge amount respect from the public.

I suspect the whole issue is that people, now with the wonders of the Internet think they know everything and will tell you what's wrong with their system with such matter of fact. I am now at a point where I am tempted to respond to one of these customers with something along the lines of...

"Sounds like you already know what to do...off you go...let me know how defragging that CPU went"

Read this article by Dave Thompson called Money? Sex? Not for computer techs. It is what made me realise this is how people treat techs all over.

We need techs all over to take a stance against f'tard customers who seem to think they know it all and can bully the tech around (cause they're the customer). If your customer is a f'tard then tell them to go elsewhere. You will more than likely find that the customers that whinge the most, bully the most and ask for the most tend to be the ones who never pay on time, refuse to pay, or argue about price. I say fuck em'!

On that note.

You win! I ROCK!
Good night Seattle.

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