Sunday, 28 June 2009

You can't win everything

This, my friends and enemies is a blog based on weeks of reflection. There's a saying I think most of you would know, "You can't have your cake and eat it too". Not everything goes your way and so naturally you can't win everything.

In life there will be times where things could go a number of different ways. It might even seem that it always tends to go one of those ways you didn't want it to go.

If you play your cards loose and without purpose you're maximising the likelihood of being in those positions which go the wrong way and if you do it will seem to happen more often than not. Conversely if you live life in a way that aims to put yourself in a better position all the time then you're maximising the likelihood of success, even if someone who is doing the former still does better than you.

For example, you would probably all know a person at work who does nothing and when they do work it's always substandard. These people do succeed at times. You probably don't hang around at these places long enough because the employer tends to reward idiots over quality. You get a new job and there's another one there and the same thing happens. To most people, it seems impossible to win thanks to idiots rewarding idiots, but if you have the patience to wait it out a little, the imbeciles stuff up.

In the long run you will win. But you won't win everything.

You win! I ROCK!
Good night Seattle.


  1. ahh, so true my friend, so true.

  2. Yeah man, it gets frustrating but I guess the moral of the story is to wait it out...or not :P