Sunday, 19 July 2009

Who is the enemy?

Many reading this will say "why ask such a silly question? It's the terrorists!" and maybe, just maybe they're right. Though I cannot say I am certain of that and hence ask the pertinent question, who is the enemy or who is the terrorist?

I'm not trying to undermine the government or world's governments but do want to gain a better understanding of what is happening in the world and who the enemy is, if there is in fact an enemy.

Is there an enemy? I believe so, however I don't believe we know our enemies name or face yet. That is, I don't think the majority know. There might be groups out there whom know or at least have it on good authority who the enemy is. These people can be easily turned into conspiracy nuts by the media, so why come forward?

The possible enemies:

These are possibilities and I am in no way saying any one or all are in fact our enemies, it might be a different group altogether, this small list (yes there's more I know of but for the sake of brevity I will only address the more popular or known elements out there.

1. IslamoExtremists - It's easy to blame the IslamoExtremists; convenient even. This is not to say that the statements about these extremists out there are wrong. Though it seems so easy for mud to stick. If you publicly label someone a racist, sexist, paedophile, thief or rapist or anything like that, it almost seems that little to no evidence is needed. Even if the accused takes action and wins there's always that air about them relating to how they have been labeled. This is similar to how quick we blame the Islamic Community and they soon become generalised as IslamoExtremists. Remember that after 9/11 the US military were already ready to attack Afghanistan. Think about it.

2. The Illuminati - If they still do exist, then yes they're well hidden considering the group potentially ended in Bavaria in 1784 by Duke Charles Theodore of Bavaria. Many say it went underground after that point. It's hard to say if this is true, obviously.

3. The Zionists - I really can't claim to know a great deal on the Zionists except that they have a belief that they are the true children of God and the chosen ones. Lots of people and groups have thought this too. Most who have, have also been considered very dangerous. Much like the aforementioned Illuminati, the Zionists are said to have deeply rooted themselves into the power groups of high society. There is conspiracy theories out there that claim the Zionists were to blame for 9/11. I guess it is possible, but would need more evidence than I saw in the series of videos on youtube.

4. The Empire of the City - The three city empire, the city of Columbia (Washington D.C.), the city of London and the city of Vatican is another theory out there. It is said that the Vatican has been infiltrated by the elite in order to vanquish religion in the way that we know it and become the one religion of a one world government, Washington D.C. the Government and Military leader and London the Money power. There is a great deal more about this and is also discussed in the series of youtube videos mentioned above. It even goes into great detail to include the Crown which is the monarch of the British Isle as actually being the ruler of this three city empire as the Crown is geographically located inside the city of London.

Is it possible that all these theories are at play together, whether they're working together or not? Is it possible that none or one are? Yes, yes and yes. Is it even possible that the formation of a one world government is really a good thing and not something to be feared? I also think yes. One thought I have had over the recent years is that a one nation government in Australia could be a good thing. The people would vote for positions in government and not for parties. That is, people are elected into portfolios based on the number of votes each person gets in that area and the number of votes also dictates who is the leader of that particular area and who is second in charge, etcetera.

While I appreciate the benefits on a national level, I still wonder if this is a good thing on a global level. My ideas, as mentioned, were more for a nation and not the rest of the world. No more party politics at a national level, members still accountable for their work in a given field and politicians being promoted or demoted based on their performance. It would be more like a business and less like a charade which it currently seems to be. This style of government would also in my opinion give the people more power to select the people they wish to run all the different areas of government instead of electing a party and then letting them sort it out.

So as you can see I'm not entirely against the idea of a singular government, but over the globe there are many more differences in culture and status than there would be in any given nation. This is not to say there is no difference at a national level but it would be significantly less than what we see at the global level. Which means this kind of government when applied to the world could give great power to few and rule over many.

I am not saying "WATCH OUT! THE NWO IS COMING!!! THE END IS NIGH!!!" neither am I suggesting that a one world government is necessarily bad or that these conspiracies are true or false. I am saying that things do seem to be happening, there seems to be something in the shadows, be it good or bad and not many people seem to give much credence to what could happen in the not too distant future.

Think, read and discuss. I doubt I even get a single person read this article, which worries me somewhat, but if one person reads this and it leads them to further research or at least gets them thinking about our future as a people, then I have won, albeit a small victory, a victory nonetheless.

Before I leave you to think about this some more, consider this. We invade countries suspected of housing terrorists, is it also possible that we are the terrorists? Not wanting to go into a full Star Wars analogy, but could our forces be akin to the Imperial Stormtroopers in Star Wars and the Taliban or those classed as the IslamoExtremists be the Jedi? I'm not saying I believe this, it's more of an allegory. I mean is it possible that those in power could create enemies for the masses to hate and create world events that continue to mould the Westernised people into believing one set of truths that they're being told while the whole time it's a complete sham?

I understand that this all relates to labeling. We label one group as our enemy and if people with influence suggest who our enemies are we the people will believe it. Why should we consider the possibility of deception of the masses? You'd have to be a paranoid conspiracy nut yeah?

Then maybe the world is still flat like we were originally told and while we're at it, perhaps we're really at the centre of the universe too!

Like I said, think, read, discuss. I would love to hear your responses.

You win! I ROCK!
Good night Seattle.

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