Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Greer calls Abbott a clown, refuses to acknowledge her role as bear in Moscow Circus

For someone based in the UK, I must say that Greer is an pest of the highest order.  In the SMH article entitled “Greer takes swipe at 'clown' Abbott” she forgets that she used to be a bear in the Moscow Circus...wait that’s absurd...yes and so is her labelling of Abbott.

Then as is mentioned in the article, Greer felt that Ms Gillard was targeted by the media during the election campaign because she was a woman. "The election wasn't fought on policies or issues or ideologies, but on sound-bites and gossip and sex," she added.

Umm, what? I don’t recall that. I do recall the bit about Gillard coping it for backstabbing Rudd, especially when she was on the same committees and wanted the same outcomes and yet after all that she is somehow meant to come out smelling of roses? Oh and right before going into a Federal election. Not once! Not once at all. She murdered a PM and to be honest, staying in power, even though a minority government, it’s pretty bloody lucky if you ask me.

Now back to the advertising campaign. I thought Greer was based in the UK. I didn’t know our tax payer funded advertising campaigns were broadcast in places a far reach as the UK. I would like my tax money back please.

The thing with Greer is her points in some sense aren’t so bad. It is the sheer single minded view though that ultimately ruins her. Clinging the feminist bandwagon as it plunges down a steep embankment. I’m not racist but come on, do we really need someone force feeding us this drivel? It only stirs anger and emotions that won’t help. It may well have had its place in history, it did but are we really a sexist nation now? I certainly hope not and from my experiences (OK, so I’m a guy and could be blind to this) I haven’t seen it and I know I’m certainly not like that. Is she simply repeating words that don’t need to be said like an  ever-present nag? Who knows.

Greer doesn’t leave me shaking my fists, however she certainly does leave me shaking my head in disbelief.

Thanks for your input Greer. Please do not come back to Australia. Oh yeah and England...she’s all yours.

You win! I ROCK!

Good night Seattle.

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