Friday, 5 December 2008

uh oh spaghettios

I know, I know...more lolbush, but just remember that he's out of office soon so got to get 'em in while we still can :P


There's a new website out there called BanThisURL and you should be telling everyone about it! I am now so don't not once! I don't know everyone!

This is a scary proposition people. Firstly I agree there is some content on the Internet that I wish wasn't there or how an innocent search ends up not so innocent. Great lets whack a filter on the content and she'll be right mate! Maybe the paranoid persona comes out when it appears that the government is doing wrong veiled by good deeds or high ideals. Two things you can do and tell your not-so-geeky friends too. Get a copy of the book "1984" and then set your mp3 player to Rage Against the Machine's self titled album and in particular listen to "Take the Power Back".

I could talk about this for ages but from reading the articles on BanThisURL they say what I feel and the previous paragraph is my two cents worth.

You win! I ROCK!
Good night Seattle.