Monday, 10 August 2009

New Alice in Chains video clip - A Looking in View

I heard the song on YouTube the other day but only found live versions and the video clip today. Let me say WOW this is a great song and if you hear the interview with Sean and Jerry you get a little insight into what this album is all about, though the interview does seem to have volume issues. But now check out A Looking in View.

On a side note, I wonder if this album will get the kids of the AIC era to start buying CDs again? To be honest I still listen to my stash of CDs from some time ago now, when you think about it, stuff from the mid 90s up to and around 2000 where my CD purchasing stopped. I listened to what I had and was trapped in an era but NOW there is the chance of new CD purchases and frankly, I can't wait! Doesn't mean I won't stay trapped in an era :P

You win! I ROCK!
Good night Seattle.