Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Iran: It's getting hot, hot, hot!

Good morning folks. I have just finished reading an article in the SMH about the car bomb killing of Iranian nuclear scientist, Dr Majid Shahriari. Considering the recently leaked cables this week by WikiLeaks mentioning Israel’s, not to mention the rest of the Arab world’s, concern over Tehran and their nuclear ambitions as well as the time frames that were discussed before some form of covert or overt military action was taken, it seems things might be heating up. Get the popcorn or grab a beer cause things might just get interesting.

It seems from what the cables mentioned, Israel and other Middle East nations have been urging the United States to take action against Iran suggesting that the risk verse reward was worth it. That is, a pre-emptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities before they go too far and whatever repercussions might take place far outweigh the possibility of doing nothing and letting them achieve nuclear dominance in the region and therefore allowing them to be the bully.

Now I’m not going to say that Iran is the rogue nation like many would suggest but giving them a nuclear weapon does concern me too; though Israel has had its hand in the nuclear pie for a while now and does throw its weight around in the region quite a bit. Could it be that Israel simply doesn’t want another cook in the kitchen? It’s interesting however that other nations who you would never pick as an Israeli ally are also sharing the same concerns and suggesting similar courses of action.

If it is as suggested by Iran, true that Israeli agents planted the car bomb then this could be step one in a series of actions to stop the perceived Iranian nuclear threat. It is better to limit their ability to produce the weapons than to just bomb the plant as that is significantly more overt and could have greater repercussions than a simple car bomb; this act has merely cut the legs off Tehran’s nuclear ambitions and not killed it. Maybe it’s a clear threat to Tehran that Israel is prepared to play and if Tehran’s nuclear development continues, it’ll be their head.

Remember my article about Iran and North Korea? If not, definitely have a read, there’s something-a-brewing and it could be bad news for all and sundry.

You win! I ROCK!

Good night Seattle.