Friday, 27 August 2010

The Great Toast Debacle of 2010 (Cont.)

I went back and showed the black powdered semi-buttered toast and the guy asks me if he should make it again. I concur.

Once the new toast had popped up, he proceeds to butter the toast and then presents it and asks me if it is sufficient. I agree and the add, “now some peanut butter” to which he acknowledges. Then he takes it back to the bench and is about to cut it and I quickly jump in saying, “no, wait, what about the peanut butter?”, the guy looks a little lost, I point out where it is and at that point he realises I wanted peanut butter with a little bit of butter, not half a container of butter with some peanut butter but at that point I think to myself, least it isn’t semi-buttered toast with black powder.

This is perhaps one of my greatest stories. I hope you enjoyed it.

You win! I ROCK!

Good night Seattle.

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