Monday, 19 July 2010

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Like I said, my previous post gave me the motivation that I needed to post about the festival.
First thing I would like to say, I love's official, I'm one of those people now who live in Sydney and praise the existence of Melbourne. I can hear some of you saying, "why not move there?". I would love to but I have a job in Sydney and that takes precedence.
The name of the group that went down to for the festival is Comicide and if you go there, there's a couple of videos. They were never performed on stage but ended up being used as promotional material for the site. I am in one of the videos playing a drunk furniture shop owner. The beauty here is that I had a huge hangover on the day this was filmed.
One of the things I loved about Melbourne was the cool rooftop bars. One such bar was on top of Cookies on Swanston St. They even play movies here which is pretty cool. 
I remember feeling a sense of nervousness when we first got to the theatre. Unfortunately my phone camera and a dark theatre don't mix too well but here's a blurry image of the stage anyway.
Well, it seems I didn't take that many pics while I was down there...well I did but most are still on my phone. That's right, I'm awesome like that.
One of the highlights for me was getting to meet the guy who inspired me to do comedy in the first place, Mick Molloy. I got a picture with him while I was at the after party for the festival but it's not up here cause it's not the most flattering of pictures for either of us...mainly me.
I think you can fill in the gaps from here...
You win! I ROCK!
Good night Seattle.

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