Monday, 16 August 2010

What next for Iran, North Korea and the West?

Firstly, let me preface this piece with the use of the West; I use it in reference to the allies fighting with the U.S. overseas.

I remember some years ago, maybe early 2002 after George Bush’s State of the Union address where he listed “rogue” nations in his Axis of Evil. I said to some friends at the time that if I were either Iran or North Korea I would be in constant communication with the other waiting for the allied forces to be stretched to their limit across the globe and then embark on a concerted attack against the West.

Now, obviously while only a hypothetical it still is important to look at potential events such as these. It was sometime ago when I proposed this possibility and yet somehow it seems more poignant now than ever.

On the flip side, war is seemingly good for the U.S. and other western economies and so with that in mind; can we completely remove the possibility of false flag attacks however remote they may be? We are meant to be cutting back in Iraq soon so will the West require a new front in the near future?

When considering two famous “false flag” operations, we have Operation Northwoods and the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Operation Northwoods was meant to be a staged, in-house attack on the States blamed on Cuba as a way to instigate full-scale war; this never occurred, thank goodness but still, it was considered. While the Gulf of Tonkin incident is said to have sparked unnecessary U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War.

I don’t know if North Korea is as bad as we’re made to think; our mainstream media is so tainted that it could very well be possible that the west is deliberately breaking the DPRK like they did to the former USSR. However, it could be that there are slight nuances making both possibilities completely different; interesting to consider nonetheless.

If we take the possibility that the West is trying to eliminate communism still and as such is currently helping South Korea get the North back then we could accept that the sinking of the Cheonan could be a U.S. led false flag attack attempting to get a heated response from the DPRK in trying to defend their name. Maybe when they say they didn’t do, they really didn’t? Maybe I’m really na├»ve. Either way we now have the U.S. and South Korea beginning 11 days of war games which is certainly provoking the North.

There was also another recent event similar to this where a Japanese tanker was “attacked” or at least something hit it about 18km off the coast of Oman on its way back from Iran. Now while the ship was never sunk, it is interesting if it was meant to be an attempted false flag. Was someone trying to make Iran look bad or was it simply coincidence and nothing to be concerned about? I would hazard a guess that it was more than likely an innocent and natural occurrence and nothing to do with a nation state.

Conspiracy talk aside, there is perhaps a more likely story; the DPRK have barely any funds remaining, their threats generate an income of sorts and so it seems to be in their interest to make idle threats. In a sense, their bark is stronger than their bite. Maybe they are in talks with Iran; I would if I was them, and they have or are considering concerted attacks.

I understand that at the end of all this we’re still no closer to the truth if there is a hidden truth out there but I still think it is very important to at least consider these possibilities as sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

UPDATE: If you look at the recent artillery fire on South Korea by the North and also that Iran allegedly received advanced missiles from North Korea (read the last paragraph for that bit of information) and are merely using negotiations as a means to stall for time so as to get their nuclear objectives met, it certainly appears to be heating up. One can only hope not, for all our sake.

You win! I ROCK!
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  1. This movie talks a little about false flag is subtitled though so you will have to read :) -

  2. It's good to see we have some MSM talk about North Korea and Iran. Obviously not repeating my sentiments with regards to false flag attacks, which is fair but the worry that could be North Korea and Iran. This article also raises other concerns and I would strongly recommend a read.