Sunday, 13 February 2011

Moving Out Day 5: The war is over!

Ok so Friday Dad helped me move the bed and all the other heavy stuff and on Saturday we put everything in it's place and also put the bed together.

Today I get to stay here for the first night...the air con is on low...I'm just too hot...take that how you will.

I do love my desk set-up, I can still watch movies in bed but need to turn the monitor around and lay down across the bed...maybe a bit annoying but doable.

The double bed is here and looks so fact I think it's nearly bed time now; though maybe not as now I have a proper bedside table with a lamp so now I can read in bed more easily. I like this a lot!

Nothing interesting here, I'm just using my blog to keep the pics and also not have to email the pics to Mum :P

My makeshift dirty clothes basket and some of the built-in.

More built-in, love having a proper wardrobe and also only having some clothes in it...not everything under the sun.

Wardrobe and makeshift bin.

If anyone says you should move...don't! It's a trap, well it's probably not but it is probably your parents wanting you to REALLY clean your room.

Well I'm sure everyone found this as enthralling as I did so go have a drink and chill know the rest.

You win! I ROCK!
Good night Seattle.

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