Thursday, 24 March 2011

What up y'all?

Jolly's World of Web is moving along nicely so far but I'd like some listener input on a couple of things; yes I understand that there aren't really any listeners at the moment but there will be!

I have some tunes already and am waiting for some more so that looks good so far. Obviously if you're in a band or know someone who is email with a tune and some info about your or their band and if I like it, it'll be in the show.

What does jolly require then? Well apart from 7 gram rocks...I kid, I kid...I need the following:

Crap products out there that I can research and rank out of five turds.

Internet Obituaries:
Sites that were great and are now no longer useful or have shut up shop altogether.

The Internet says hi:
What's the coolest stuff on the vast sea of hate that is teh Internets?

 I'm intending on having the show ready for podcast early this coming Monday morning, if I come across any snags then it'll be delayed a week.

If you'd like to be on air, get in touch with me...cause like, it's not a live show, so yeah.

You guys know the rest...

You win! I ROCK!
Good night Seattle.

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